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Fall Semester Opportunities 


Fall marks the beginning of a new semester for the Hmong Student Association of Colorado returning members. If you would like to be apart of this group this is a great time to join and bond with senior members in the group.

The Adventure Begins



To honor the past members who dedicated their time and efforts in HSAC. Here is a page dedicated to those who put their efforts into the group and made it what it is today.

Spring Semester Opportunities 

The spring semester brings in the organization's biggest event of the year Hmong Culture Night. Members dive in a world of professionalism, networking, and leadership that can only be seen behind the curtains.

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Welcome to our Hmong Student Association from Colorado!

Year round, new students arrive on uncharted grounds when entering college. Hmong Student Association of Colorado members & alumni are there to point these students in the right direction with a little help of friendship and encouragement. New students of all ethnic backgrounds who have a passion for the Hmong culture should join and for those who are truly uncertain about college and making friends this is a good place to start.